Early winter frost is the perfect time to harvest the last berries. We've added Sea-buckthorn to our pantry for savory and nutritious drinks and a hearty beef stew with a delicate seabuckthorn chutney.

Sea-buckthorn Aperitif: Generous Gestures

Aperitif: Sea-buckthorn sirup

Approx. 1 liter sea-buckthorn berries.




Seltzer (optional)

Rinse sea-bucktorn berries thoroughly and put in pot. Cover berries with water and let simmer for 45 min stirring occasionally. Strain into bowl and make sure to get all juices out of remaining berries. Let it cool. Add 500 ml sugar and 1 tsp salt. Pour mixture into heat cured wine bottle and serve chilled with seltzer (1:4).

Sunday beef stew with seabuckthorn chutney: Sea Buckthorn Event

40 persons:

Halal beef: 4kg thick flank and/or shoulder cut into chunks (approx. width of 2 fingers)

20 leaks

15 parsnips

15 bundles of parsley

5 celeriacs

8 whole garlic

1.5 kg. chickpeas

Cut 5 whole onions (w. peels) in half. Heat ‘facedown’ in 2 large pots until brown. Add olive oil and meat (gradually so as not to cook the meat). Once meat has seared (i.e. ‘closed’), turn heat to low setting. Add cubes of parsley root, parsnip, leek, celeriac and crushed garlic cloves to pot. Cover with water and bring to a light simmer.


2 tablespoons turmeric with diced fresh red chillies

7 lauerel leaves

1 tablespoon whole pepper

2 tablespoons cayenne pepper

4 tablespoons apple vinagre

let simmer for 1 ½ hrs.

Add 1 ½ kg pre-soaked chickpeas (day before). Use salt sparingly and season as you go along. Depending on your preferences use corn flour to thicken.

Rice: 2 ½ kg jasmin rice


olive oil

5 garlic (whole)

1.5 kg. plain yellow onions

4 large hokkaido pumpkins

1 glass of strong French Dijon mustard 250g

6 whole star anise

a handful of cardamom

a handful of mustardseed

0.4 liter vinegar

Chutney condiments (sprinkle over chutney before serving)

2 large 10cm chunks of fresh horseradish root

4 bundles of parsley

Clean and chop hokkaido into cubes. Add cubes and olive oil to big pot and heat. Stir occasionally. Cook finely (pre)diced onions in pan until transparent. Mix onions and hokkaido. Add 6 star anise, a handful cardamom, 4 cinnamon twigs, a handful mustard seed, and a glass of dijon mustard. Let chutney concoction cool down and gently add 1 liter of seabuckthorn berries.

Season with: salt and pepper.

Sprinkle with freshly grated horseradish and chopped parsley before serving

Bon appetit

Seabuckthorn sirups (use in mixed drinks or as juice concentrate): VisAvis Launch Party

Note: For basic seabuckthorn sirup let ingredients simmer for 30-45 min. For spiced-up versions, i.e. see recipes below, let simmer for an additional 30-45 min.

Basic seabuckthorn juice concentrate: VisAvis Launch Party

Rinse seabuckthorn berries put into big pot, add sugar and cover with water. Let it simmer for ½ hour.

500 g raw sugar

4 l. seabuckthorn

1,5 l. water

Limone: VisAvis Launch Party

1 liter seabuckthorn

200 g sugar

freshly squeezed lemon juice (2 lemons)

1.5 l. bottle

Orchard: VisAvis Launch Party

800 ml. seabuckthorn

freshly squeezed lemon juice (2 lemons)

700ml bottle

Mocca spice: VisAvis Launch Party

800ml seabuckthorn

1 star anise

2 ts chopped fresh red chilli

1 tbl chopped fresh ginger

2 pinches of salt

1 ts espresso coffee

2 tbl sugar

1 laurel leaf

700ml bottle

Jueltime vintage: VisAvis Launch Party

800ml seabuckthorn

vanilla from 1 vanilla fruit ‘twig’

a sprig of cinnamon

80 g sugar

120 ml. freshly squeezed orange juice

1 small bichon apple

1.5 l seabuckthorn

4 pinches of salt

2 tbl crushed cardamom

1 l. bottle

Miscl. ingredients that we bought: VisAvis Launch Party

4 oranges

4 lemons

4 red chilies

4 fresh vanilla ‘twigs’