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Pine Tree Refreshment

(May 26. 2012) Fresh Lemonade made out of Pine Tree buds brewed in collaboration with residents at Red Cross Center Kongelunden.
Our Pine Tree oil & Pine Tree vinegar is fermenting.


is a political campaign to improve conditions for asylum seekers in Denmark. The campaign aims to ensure the right for every person seeking asylum in Denmark to live and work outside asylum camps and to build solidarity, consciousness and understanding among the Danish population about the urgent need for a humane and just refugee and asylum policy in Denmark.

See link for more information about the campaign and the demonstration on May 13th 2012

Opensourcefood & Demoteket

(Mar. 29. 2012) Springtime foraging and cooking event with cultural sociologist and expert naturalist Søren Espersen and dietitian Rhoda Ting at Red Cross Center Kongelunden. Meetup at Vest Amager Metro Station 11:10 SHARP. We’ll be foraging from 12:00-15:00. What to bring: bicycle, plastic bag/basket, gloves and lunch. Looking forward to seeing y’all.

See link for more information about the event at Demoteket.

See link for pictures here.


(Mar. 3. – 21. 2012) Project Landbrug/Café Teatret (Skindergade 3, Cph K) – Opensourcefood invited by artist Joachim Hamou.

See links for more information.

Health and nutrition week

(Oct. 5. – 9. 2011) Opensourcefood and asylum seekers from Red Cross Center Kongelunden will be foraging food. Joining forces with Opensourcefood is naturalist Julie Swane from Nature Foods and nutrition expert Sofie Aagaard. Program:
Oct. 5th Introduction by Sofie Aagaard on what makes a healthy and diversified diet.
Oct. 6th Asylum seeker’s receive “pocket money” (Every second Thursday).
Oct. 7th Discussion at the supermarket with the residents about food, prices, nutrition,..
Oct. 8th Foraging with Julie Svane and the residents around Kongelunden.
Oct. 9th Three course menu from the ingredients that we bought and foraged.

Bon Bon Land

(July 31. 2011) Wild Food Workshop at Århus Kunstbygning ( J.M. Mørks gade 13, 8000 Århus C) – with Opensourcefood. We examine various supermarket receipts from the perspective of a 49.10 kr/day budget (the maximum allowance of an asylum seeker) – yours, ours, and random ones we’ve found in supermarkets. Afterwards we collect edible plants with nature savvy Jon Hansen at Riiskov and concoct culinary delights at restaurant Svineriet’s kitchen from the plants that we’ve foraged. Max 20 participants. The workshop will be held in Danish.

See more pictures here.

Ku Ku Spinach Lunch

(June 5. 2011) Lunch at Red Cross Center Kongelunden making Persian Ku ku with Spinach and Wild Ramps.


(April.14. 2011) Samtalekøkken/Warehouse 9 (Hamltorvet 13, Cph V) – Learn about opensourcefood and how you and your friends can contribute. Birch Brew tapped at Red Cross Center Avnstrup and delicious Pakistani food will be served.

See tools/instructions for birch tree juice instructions.

See more pictures here.

Generous Gestures

(Feb.13. 2011) Generous Gestures/Artist Kitchen Events at Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art (Oslo Plads 1, Cph Ø) – Learn about opensourcefood and how you and your friends can contribute. Sea Buckthorn juice and conversational snacks will be served. See link for more information.

Generrous Gestures wiki-site

See more pictures here.

News Flash

Danish supermarket chain Føtex rejects 3 busloads of asylum seekers in Nykøbing F. Føtex CEO refuses to apologize or give an explanation despite xenophobic overtures of store manager’s rejection. See links for more information.

VisAvis Launch Party

(Dec.11. 2010) VisAvis#4 Launch Party from 19 to 02 at Trampolinehouse (Skyttegade 3, Cph N) – Come join the party and have a wild and crazy nutritious Sea Buckthorn drink.

See more pictures here.

Sea Buckthorn Event

(Nov. 21. 2010) Lunch at Red Cross Center Kongelunden with Sea Buckthorn chutney.

See more pictures here.

Sea Buckthorn used as a routine part of space flights

See link for more information.

Decenter II

(Aug. 22 – Oct. 24. 2010) The first opensourcefood event was hosted at Decenter II, a four day art event, initiated by artist Bettina Camilla Vestergaard at Marienborg Manor on the island of Møn.

See more pictures here.