Nature Foods

A special thanks for ongoing gastronomical advice and involvement:

Julie Swane,



A special thanks to foraging and gastronomic expert:

Cultural Sociologist Søren Espersen,


Restaurant Tinggården

A special thanks for ongoing gastronomical advice and involvement:

Jan Friis-Mikkelsen,



Visual artist Joachim Hamou: 12 workshops, 4 dialogues, 20 performances and 1 documentation

Workshops and presentations by Opensourcefood (week 1), Dr. Silvia Gaiani (week 2), Michael Singer (week 3) and Mickey Gjerris (week 4).

Stop Food Waste

Dr. Silvia Gaiani, author of Transforming Food Waste into a Resource

landdrama workshops by Silvia Gaiani



Michael Singer & Refshaleøen

Visual artist, urban planner and architect,

landdrama workshops by Michael Singer


Bio Ethics

Associate Professor Mickey Gjerris,

landdrama workshops by Mickey Gjerris



Based in Copenhagen, DYRK is a non-profit collective that work with urban gardening to promote new inner city communities.

DYRK on Facebook



Based in Copenhagen, BYHØST is a non-profit collective that forages wild edible plants in Copenhagen.

BYHØST on Facebook


Artists and Activists Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune

Decenter II

Visual Artist Bettina Camilla Vestergaard reinterprets Decenter, an artist colony set up by Danish author Elsa Gress and painter Clifford Wright at Marienborg Manor in the 1970s.


Frederiksdal Cherry Wine

A special thanks for sponsorship:

Jan Friis-Mikkelsen & Morten Brink Iwersen & Harald Krabbe



An underground library that has its base in six libraries in Copenhagen



Works with social organisations, businesses and bees to improve the urban environment and unlock the social and economic benefits of sustainable beekeeping and honey production in Copenhagen.



visAvis is a magazine that focuses on migration and asylum, produced by people with or without citizenship living in Denmark.


Trampoline House

The Trampoline House is a non-profit, self-organized, user-driven culture house, where asylum seekers, Danish citizens and anybody else can meet, share experiences, and learn from one another on equal terms.


Physic Garden

Medicinal plants and herbs that heal. See link here for physicgarden’s plant charts.


Recommendation: Agnès Varda’s “The Gleaners and I”

A French documentary from 2000 about gleaning in cities and on the countryside in France. It informs about your rights as a gleaner. See link here to watch the first minutes of the documentary.



Camps as a consequence of global entrenchment: The architecture of fear?

(Spring 2009) Dissertation by architects: Johanna Ferrer Guldager and Stine Laurberg Hansen. Click here to read NO EXIT English abstract. (Full length dissertation is in Danish).



A special thanks for sponsorship: