The first opensourcefood event was hosted at Decenter II, a four day art event, initiated by artist Bettina Camilla Vestergaard at Marienborg Park on the island of Møn.

Field guide 01 is based on foraging excursions in and around Marienborg Park. Below you’ll find a map of plants, flowers, berries etc. that you can forage at this site. For inspiration on how to cook with some of these local and delectable ingredients see our recipes section.

Field guide 01 is our contribution to Decenter II. Decenter was an artist colony in the 1970s at Marienborg Manor set up by Danish author Elsa Gres and her American husband Clifford Wright. Artist Bettina Camilla Vestergaard has with Decenter II (2010) made a reintepretation of Decenter as her contribution for the contemporary art festival Tumult.
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For the opening at Decenter II on 22 August, we offered scrumptious wild food appetizers in collaboration with Eric Yakubyan and Stan (from the Red Cross Centers Sandholm and Kongelunden), and resident chef Julie A. Swane (Nature Foods). The appetizers were accompanied by delicate cherry wine from Fredriksdal Manor.

During the exhibition (22 August to 24 October 2010) a physical field guide can be found in the park next to the lake.

Unfortunately our map maker app has ceased to work due to a recent update in google maps. Please follow the flickr link to view maps and images.